Atelier Godolé

Is a Paris based brand dedicated to luxury accessories.

Atelier Godolé is an independent brand, enabling to focus on our own style, products and customers without the pressure to trade our identity in order to achieve short term commercial goals.

The Brand was founded in 2011 in Paris and since then is reinventing an old handmade craftmanship. Whereas hourly or weekly hours of handmade work to create a single piece is what makes us unique and special.

We exhibited in differents shows and fairs worldwide, like LOOT in Museum of Arts and Design NY (USA), JOYA Barcelone (SPAIN), INHORGENTA Munich (GERMANY), BIJORCA, MAISON & OBJETS Paris, (FRANCE) and in many collective exhibitions and pop-up shops.

Our creations are dedicated to those who are excited by the elegance and preciosity of “couture” pieces.

The little imperfections of each flower each grappe and leaves are the sign that they are all handmade and uniques. The materials are chosen with careful, for their quality and to be solid.